Where can we sleep?

We have not only room for caravans & tents in Villeneuve. Wooden chalets , lovingly furnished,  and a guest room are also available.



You have the choice between:


-one of our 6 plots of ground between hedges and flowering bushes

                                  Place: 3,50€/day

                                  Adult: 3,50€/day

                                  Child: 1,90/day

-“Mille Fleurs” ( a thousand flowers ): a wooden hut for 2 adults: 25,-€/day



-“Lapinière” (the rabbit hutch): a wooden hut for 2 children: 15,-€/day



-“Champs de Tournesol” (field of sunflowers): a guest room with bathroom and kitchenette

                                   Guest room: 35,-€/day