Holidays in the Gers, with Angela & Serge

Angela was born in Kiel in the North of Germany, and decided in 1992 to emigrate to the South of France. She has never regretted this decision. The charm of the region, the unique natural setting and the mild climate have always kept their attraction!

Serge was born in Auch, so he’s a genuine “Man of the Gers”, an “Occitan”, and has lived for 13 years now together with Angela in Villeneuve. He looks after the craftsman’s side of things, and also the lawn around the house and the camping site.


As a family we also have a “hands-on” group of pets, including dogs, cats,  horses, and two pigs.

Produce straight from the farm

All guests on our farm enjoy whatever produce the season offers us. Whether you would like to shop for your daily needs on the farm or purchase food “to go” for a trip to Toulouse or the Pyrenees, at our nursery you can buy tomatoes, lettuce, courgettes , red peppers and many other vegetables --- everything that grows and flourishes in the mild climate between Bordeaux and Toulouse! In addition we can supply you with fresh bread and croissants from the local bakery.


Naturally you can also have breakfast at our place , and I am also willing to conjure up an evening meal consisting of several courses if you so wish!